Month: November 2016

Phuket Holiday Villas, Find Your Beach Hotel Resort in Thailand

60An island of luxury and simple pleasures, extreme sports and relaxing spas, delectable and unique-tasting foods, ancient and modern architecture, frenzied and tranquil beaches, Phuket Island is, in every aspect, a land of contradicting elements. Yet, when these elements are joined together, it comes together as one word, pleasure.

Choosing the best Phuket island resort for your holidays can be tedious if you only use travel guides and recommendations from local communities. You might end up doing the same thing most tourists do prior to arriving at the island: spend too much time Internet research because there are hundreds of Phuket beach hotels and Phuket holiday villas scattered all over the island.
If you want a shortcut to finding the very best Phuket island resort and hotels, the first thing you need to do is filter your search using certain categories.

Location and atmosphere
Phuket houses some of the rowdiest and quietest resorts in Thailand. Lively Phuket beach hotels and resorts are mostly found in Phuket’s west coast, while quieter Phuket holiday villas and resorts are predominant in the east coast and the neighboring islands between Krabi and Phuket. The east coast also offers some of the most exclusive Phuket holiday villa and resorts, which can mostly be found near the Phang Nga Bay National Park and surrounding islets.


The Coral Hotels and Resorts in the Dominican Republic

59If you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, some of the Coral Resorts on the island may have caught your eye. So what are the Coral All-Inclusive Resorts and Hotels? The following information will give you a better idea to help you plan your next Caribbean vacation.

Why the Dominican Republic?

The Caribbean is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. And within the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is the most visited and popular country to visit. With a huge range of gorgeous beaches and beautiful resorts to enjoy and incredibly friendly local people its just no wonder the Dominican becomes a repeat holiday choice for people all around the world. So if you are planning a vacation to the Dominican you are probably looking for an all-inclusive resort to make your home for the duration of your stay. And if so, you may want to consider looking at the Coral Hospitality Corp which currently has 5 incredible resorts in the Dominican Republic and a sixth brand new one coming soon.


The Top 5 Hotel And Resort Photographers In India

58Hotel and Property photography is the commercial aspect of architectural photography. Good architectural photographers can add a lot of marketing mileage to an enclosure through their work.

In India, the field of architectural photography for hotels, properties and institutions is very competitive with many freelancers and agencies competing for the title of best architectural photographer.

So as a client or an upcoming photographer, it is important to know the top architectural photographers in India. This way, you can compare your existing pictures or the portfolio showcased by someone whom you may hire, with the best hotel and resort photographers in India.


Hospitality Redefined – Yelagiri Hotels and Resorts

57Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu is a region of lush green forests sprawling across miles of hilly slopes along the Yelagiri hills. Even though Yelagiri isn’t a commercialized tourist destination, it still manages to attract a significant majority of tourists, thanks to its virgin emerald lands encouraging various adventure sports enthusiasts.

Accommodation wise, Yelagiri hotels are still trying to find a firm footing as reputed establishments. Peter’s Park is a preferred homestay, when it comes to the humble options that Yelagiri resorts and hotels have to offer. The resort, located in Manjankolaipudur, has an assortment of 11 cottages with private garden embellishments for each park; this is perfect for an adventure getaway, a relaxing vacation or even a business trip.

The 11 cottages at Peter’s Park are categorized as single level and split level cottages. While single level cottages provide spacious living and dining rooms with televisions and refrigerators, two bedrooms with ensuite baths and a beautiful sit outs in front of the garden, the split level cottages have the living and dining room on the ground floor, television and refrigerator with a wonderful garden sit out and two bedrooms on the first floor, with private baths. The rooms receive hot and cold running water and room service throughout the day.